Company Profile

Company Profile

We are one of the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh and educated to assist anyone through the immigration application process, to become a citizen, acquiring a resident visa or apply for a Australia, USA, UK, Canada,  New Zealand, Germany, France, Singapore, Ireland, Cyprus and Malaysia student visa . Actually, the immigration requirements and process vary with each category or profile.

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We are one of the Best Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh. The advantage with us is that our immigration consultants possess a background in law. Moreover, our company is owned by advocate, thus the services offered is one of the best Immigration consultancy in Chandigarh and goes under the strict supervision of a team of advocates and experienced student visa counselor.

Immigration is susceptible to scams. It is a sensitive issue and so finding one of the best Chandigarh immigration consultants is essential. We assist with preparations, paperwork, translations and preparatory tasks. With the law background, our immigration consultants here are the best study abroad consultants in Chandigarh. We answer all the questions related to student visa, immigration and citizenship processes perfectly. Apart from this, we also assist in filling and completing important documents, besides offering translation services for essential documents during examination.


Our Immigration consultants in Chandigarh effectively provide advice regarding visa and its requirements. Our consultants speak more foreign languages and this ability helps as student visa consultants. Thus staying abreast of changes is our key to our success.

Administrative Duties

Apart from dealing directly with clients, our immigration consultants also fulfill administrative duties such as counseling and visa filing. We have experienced consultants and prioritize student career first, thus ensure offering quality services. We do not charge from students any advance fee. When our clients get involved in a court of law or in immigration irregularities, our consultants help clients to access the immigration attorney services.

Logic Behind The Name

MEGA simply means Large but we have redefined MEGA to :

  • M -Migrate
  • E – Educate
  • G – Globally
  • A – Around us

As Immigration and student Visa consultant we have defined our nature of work in these four words.

Migrate – means move from one part to another .
Educate – everybody dreams to get best education in abroad,we help you find the best colleges,universities and deliver them to your door steps.
Globally – We are not confines to a single region but we work around the globe.
Around us- Our work does not end with visa we make sure that we deliver the services even when the client has actually migrated.

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Our pre-assessment service is free and ensures our client that they are eligible to apply for a particular country, college or university and course.