Canada Tourist Visa from India

Canada Tourist Visa from India

Canada is the largest country in the North America and is renowned worldwide for its vast, untouched landscape and blend of multifaceted history and culture. Being the second largest country in the world it has no shortage of beautiful landscapes and beautiful sites. Before travelling on Canada tourist visa from India, you will need to follow few tips and requirements to apply for Canada tourist visa from India. Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City, are some of the most popular sites in Canada.

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Canada Tourist Visa from India or Canada 10 Year Multiple Entry Visa

A Canada Tourist visa from India or Canada 10-year multiple entry visa allows an applicant to visit Canada for the purpose of tourism or leisure for a short period of time. A tourist visa to Canada from India is also known as Canadian visitor visa or Canadian Temporary Resident Visa (TVR). Canadian 10-year multiple entry visa for Indians is granted for the maximum period of ten years that’s why it is regarded as the Canadian multiple entry visa. The tourist visa for Canada is granted in two types i.e. single-entry tourist visa for Canada and multiple entry tourist visa for Canada.

On a single entry Canadian tourist visa, an applicant is allowed to visit Canada just once and on the other hand with multiple entry Canadian tourist visa an applicant is allowed to visit Canada up to ten years with a maximum stay of six month in single entry.

Basic Requirements to apply for Canada Tourist Visa from India

The flexibility and easy availability of Canada Visitor Visa from India attracts many Indian visitors every year. An applicant must meet certain requirements before planning to apply Canada Tourist visa from India.

You will need to present following documents to successfully apply for Canada tourist Visa from India:
  • A valid passport
  • Financial resources required to pay for your expenses while you stay in Canada
  • Purpose of your travel
  • An invitation letter from a friend or relative in Canada, in case of staying with them.
  • Proof of employment like Salary Slip or Appointment Letter or NOC from Employee.

Medical Requirements for Canadian Tourist Visa from India

An applicant does not require to provide a medical exam if he plan to visit in Canada for six months or less. On the other hand, you will be required to provide a medical exam if your stay is more than six months in Canada which is unlikely to happen in case of Canadian tourist visa from India.

Canada Tourist Visa Processing Time India

When you’re thinking to visit Canada as an Indian tourist, first question which comes to your mind is how long will it take to get a Canadian Tourist Visa from India? The simple answer to your question, Processing time for Canadian multiple entry or single-entry tourist visa directly depends on the Canadian Embassy but It typically takes 4-5 weeks to get a Canadian tourist visa from India. For accurate and up to date information about Canada tourist visa processing time from India please check Canadian Embassy website for Indians.

Prerequisites for Canada Tourist Visa Application Processing from India

  • An applicant must apply for a tourist visa to Canada from India at least a few weeks prior to planed travel time.
  • An applicant must provide all the accurate information and details for Canadian visitor visa application procedure.
  • An applicant must bring all necessary documents for submitting Canadian tourist visa application form.

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