Cost of Studying in Spain for Indian Students

Cost of Studying in Spain for Indian Students

The education system in Spain offers a wide range of colleges and university studies at all levels.  Spain has a long tradition of excellence in education with the first university being set up in the 13th century. Spain is one of the popular destinations with nearly 5% of Spain’s entire population coming from abroad. Also the cost of studying in Spain for Indian students is very reasonable as compared to others countries. The cost of studying in Spain for Indian students is divided into following expenses :

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  • Tuition Cost
  • Living expenses
  • Accommodation Cost

Tuition Cost

Spain being a reasonable European country provides wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees with very low tuition fees. The tuition fee of an international student highly depends on the level of study and type of university. The public university generally cost low tuition fees as compared to private university.

Undergraduate tuition fees in Spain for International students

A bachelor’s degree from a public university can vary between 680 Euros and 1,580 Euros per academic year. While doing a bachelor’s degree from a private university can cost you more which can vary between 5,000 Euros and 18,000 Euros per year.

Postgraduate tuition fees in Spain for International students

For Master’s or Doctoral degrees, university fees at public institutions are also government regulated which vary between 22 and 36 Euros per credit.

Living expenses in Spain for International students

In terms of living cost, Spain is very affordable country for international students who are willing to study in Spain. The total living cost in Spain has an average of 900 to 1,200 Euros per month. This total living expenses for a month covers food, transportation, clothes and other leisure activities. Also the cities like Madrid and Barcelona are regarded as the most expensive Spanish cities. So, the living expense may vary according to city you choose to live.

Accommodation Cost in Spain for International students

Accommodation in Spain is generally quite cheap for students. Although the accommodation costs depends on where you choose to live and the type of housing you want. Generally international students can opt to live in two types of accommodation while studying in Spain:

  • University accommodation ,such as halls of residence
  • Private accommodation, such as house and flat rentals

The average accommodation cost ranges between 600 Euros and 900 Euros per month. While living in a rental flat in cities like Madrid and Barcelona can costs around 850 Euros to 1,400 Euros per month.

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