Germany Student Visa Interview Questions and Tips

Germany Student Visa Interview Questions and Tips

  1. Why do you want to study in Germany?

Tip : Note down the positive key points of the country, its education system, recognition and its ranking in world education system.

Ans. Germany is the third most popular destination among international student in the world. It is an attractive place to study and German University degree are highly respected by employers worldwide.

  1. Name any tourist places in Germany and why they are famous?

Tip : Prepare a list of famous places in Germany and some points on why these places are famous.

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  1. What’s duration of your course?

Tip : Mention your course duration.

  1. In which university you are going to study?

Tip : Mention your university/college

  1. What is the location of your university?

Tip : Know the exact location of your university and whether it is the reason to go there.

  1. Where do you plan to stay in the respective country?

Tip : Mention the address and arrangements for your education abroad.

  1. Do you have any relative in the respective country?

Tip : Be truthful at this instance.

  1. How are you going to fund your education?

Tip : It is to check that you are aware of your funds and how you will manage your finances during your course duration.

  1. Who is sponsoring your education?

Tip : If you have a scholarship, then mention it. Otherwise mention the name of your sponsors (either its your father or mother),who are supporting you as per the financial documents.

  1. Why did you decided to study in this university?

Tip :  Get the right amount of information  from the internet about the college or   university. Pen down some highlighted options world ranking, the center, the college profile, alumni profile etc.

Ans. This university is providing the courses in which I m particularly interested. I have visited their official website  to urge a lot of information concerning the university. I was actually impressed  by their profile and also the course programme.

  1. Which are the other universities you have applied to?

Tip : It is to check whether you are really serious about your education and have planned well or not.

  1. What do you plan to do during your vacations?

Tip : Give a plan to show your ties up with your family and country. Don’t show your intention for work.

  1. Why did you decided to study in Germany when the same course is offered by university/college in your country?

Tip : Mention the standard of education within the Germany. If the course is not offered in your country then mention it but if the similar course is being provided by university of your home country then highlight the variation in the quality of education and the course structure in your home country and Germany. You must win over the VO that doing this course from Germany will add price to your profile.

Ans. Germany has been the middle of excellence particularly in this(mention you field) field.  Although  this course is offered in my country but Germany provides  quality education by providing not only theoretical but practical knowledge too.

  1. Why did you choose this course? Is it relevant to your previous study?

Tip : When answering this question you must be clear concerning your future plans. Prepare an statement mentioning how the course is relevant to your previous study and how this course will add price to your profile.

Ans. I have chosen this course because previously I have done my study related to this field. Doing this course will add knowledge to my previous study.

  1. Name some of the famous researcher in your field of study?

Tip : Mention some of the famous personalities related to your field and also mention their achievements.

  1. What is your future planning?

Tip :  your answer should clarify your thoughts, intentions and powerful ties to your country.

Ans.  I am certain the recent growth in my country’ economy can open several ways for me where I can show up my knowledge and skills. I am also planning to start my own business in my home country after completing my study.

  1. What profit can this course bring round you?

Tip : You must be clear concerning the advantages of the course you will be doing. Mention that the course will bring you many opportunity in home country. State some technical words to express the advancements in your field.

Ans. As my country is growing and each foreign company is financing here thus after completing my study I will have  many opportunities.

  1. Do you plan to work there?

Tip : Convince the officer that your intention is not to stay in the respective country permanently. You have your liabilities at home and your family is in India, for whom you would like to come back to.

Ans. No, I have no plans to work there. As my family is in India, I have some responsibilities towards them. So, after educating myself within the latest technologies, I will arrange to come back to my home country and contribute in my privately held corporation.

  1. Why do you think the university is giving scholarship to you?

Tip : This is asked to check your sharpness. Mostly the scholarship are awarded for good academic records and scores of GRE or TOEFL.

  1. How much you will be able to earn after completing your studies?

Tip : Since you plan to come to home country then mention the quantity in your native currency. Be authentic and realistic while giving answer. Also do some analysis  on the quantity of packages being provided after completing this(mention your course here) course or in the business you are targeting.

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  • shashank

    I have my visa appointment on 26 th of Feb 2018, however the deadline for enrollment in my university (Hohenheim,Germany) is 13 March 2017. What is the best way to get my visa before 14 march , as I cannot take the appointment before that because no dates are available before it. Is there any way i can accelerate process or can university help me out in this ?
    Please help me sir

  • Nimish

    Hello all!Smile I have a concern that is troubling my mind for a long time, hope someone can help me out. The thing is, I completed my in 2014 and worked for a private company for a brief period of 4 months after which I resigned (as I didn’t like the nature of my job) and I’ve been making preparations for my higher studies (took GRE & TOEFL, sent applications to universities etc, i.e., I’ve been “unemployed” since then). Moreover, I do not have an experience certificate or relieving order given by my X employer. My concern is about the question “What did you do after your UG?” during the visa interview. Is it better to lie outright and say I never worked after my UG or tell the truth that I worked for a few months, but for which I do not have a proof (other than my payslips)?Think Could someone speculate as to what would be the best strategy to tackle this peculiar situation that I’m facing….?d’oh!
    PS: It’s almost impossible for me to get an experience certi or relieving order from my x employer now, if I’m insisted by the VO to produce one .
    Thanks in advance

  • Rajesh

    Hi sir/madam,my appointment for student visa interview is on Sep 11 2017,commencement of classes of my university is before 10th October. My question is how much time it will take for approval plz give reply.

  • Supriya


    I am going to Germany for my masters I have scholarship and some amount of my fees waivered. But I would still need funds to pay my fees. I have opened blocked account also for the difference amount apart from scholarship. But the funds for my left over fees I’m funding myself from my current savings. When They ask me about funds , can I say I’m funding myself from 4 yrs employment( using which I also paid first installment of my fees) and have scholarship or do I have to show any proof of funds? like my bank account statement?

  • gagandeep

    How much time the German embassy take to issue visa letter after interview for student visa.

  • Rashmi

    I have my visa appointment on 26 th of sep, however the deadline for enrollment in my university (Hohenheim,Germany) is 15 oct 2016. What is the best way to get my visa before 14 oct, as I cannot take the appointment before that because my blocked account needs to be done which is possible only by 25th oct through kotak mahinder.

    • No, you are not running late, But i want to suggest you to get in touch with your college or admission coordinator and discuss your case with them. They may agree to issue you deferral if embassy take more time than normal. It also help you in Embassy Interview if they ask you about course start date and limited time. Make sure you know about what is the next batch start date of your course and your college or university agree to issue you deferral in case of time issue. According to German Mission, They normally take 10–12days after interview.

      If you’re applying for Long Term Visa i.e. More than 90 days stay in Germany, Embassy may take more time to issue visa (Normally 15–20 Days).

      For more information please visit Study In Germany For Indian Students Blog.

      Interview Tips : Germany Student Visa Interview Questions and Tips

      Just go through these articles and be confident. Try to give short and to the point answers in interview.

      Golden rule of Embassy Interview : Never beg for a visa.

      Best of Luck.

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