IELTS Requirements to Study in Germany for Indian Students

IELTS Requirements to Study in Germany for Indian Students

German higher education is one of the best in the world. Germany is the third most popular destination among international students in the world. More than twelve percent of students at German universities come from abroad. The German higher education system is widely regarded as being one of the best in the world. It is fairly diverse, with a variety of institutions that cover a wide range of academic profiles and confer different types of degrees.

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Although the vast majority of courses offered by German universities are predominantly German taught, there are, due to a growing demand and a steady rise in the influx of foreign students, various universities that are switching to English taught courses. Today, numbering a total of over 350 university courses taught in English. These courses, offered across the spectrum of disciplines, are internationally recognized. Although you will already have been asked for proof of language proficiency as part of your university application, you may need to provide this information again in order to gain your residence permit. For courses taught in German, international students need to provide a TestDaf or DSH score, or, for English-taught courses, you’ll need to provide a TOEFL or IELTS score. Find IELTS requirements to study in Germany for Indian students.

Levels of Degrees in Germany


A bachelor’s degree is generally of four years to five years, depending upon the type of program. In five years, Students can go via 1year Foundation Course.


Masters is generally of one or two years, after the bachelor’s degree.
Doctoral degrees equals 4-6 semester, depending on the program.

IELTS Requirements to Study in Germany for International Students

IELTS Required for Undergraduate Courses in Germany

For an undergraduate course, students are required to provide a valid score of IELTS with overall 6.0 bands with no less than 5.5 bands in each module.

IELTS Required for Graduate Courses in Germany

For a graduate course, an applicant is required to provide IELTS score with overall 6.0 or 6.5 bands with no less than 6 bands in each module.

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