Life after completing an MBA from Germany for Indians

Life after completing an MBA from Germany for Indians

How’s life after completing an MBA from Germany for Indians?

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most popular Master-degree programs and is taught and approved worldwide. The degree is well-known for its strong links between practical experience and theoretical knowledge. The MBA programs in Germany today are quite widespread and demanded. Also the MBA programmes in Germany are usually a little less expensive than in the UK and the USA.

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Among different countries, studying MBA in Germany can be very beneficial for you. Germany is renowned for its excellent education system and offering good placement services to students throughout the world. Germany is also known as the third largest Industrial economy in the world and that is the reason behind the set up of so many financial companies which make Frankfurt as one of the leading financial hubs in Europe.

A student who wishes to settle in Germany after completing his studies is allowed to stay back in the country for 1 year. If you get job there, you will be entitled for work permit and can apply for Permanent Settlement. A lot of German companies like Siemens, Bosch and many more have their set up in India which means that one can return to his motherland and get the job in these companies with similar pay packages.

Admission requirements for the MBA program in Germany are similar to those for normal master degrees programs across the globe. It is necessary to have a finished another studies before, either Bachelor or Diploma degree to study MBA from Germany. In some cases it is possible to avoid the degree with enough practical experience in the subjects to study MBA in Germany. Different as in normal Master programs the MBA is taught at Business Schools instead of universities.

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