MS in Germany for International Students

MS in Germany for International Students | Master’s Degree in Germany

German higher education is considered to be one of the top quality education systems in the world alongside with American and British education system. German universities are regarded as the world leaders in medicines and engineering. One of the very first reasons why many International students want to study in Germany is the opportunity to study in world class universities which are funded by the government and most of them charge very low tuition fee or none from international students and domestic students. Instead of making students pay huge amounts of money, the public universities in Germany spread out the cost over the entire population through taxes. In turn, this money benefits anyone wanting to study in Germany and results in minimum tuition fees. Tuition free education system is one of the main reason to study MS in Germany for Indian students.

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Germany is known for its technological advancements with the research facilities in its Engineering and technical universities ranks best in the world. Around 17 universities of Germany are ranked in the top 250 in the world and around 45 universities make it to the top 650. Moreover the German Academic Exchange Service also known as Deutscher Akadamischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) is the largest funding organization in the world. DAAD provides hundreds of scholarships to students all over the world to study in Germany and to Germans who wish to study abroad.

The higher education institutions in Germany for international students are divided into three categories i.e.

  • Universität e. university
  • Fachhochschule i.e. university of applied sciences
  • Kunstschulen, Musikhochschulen, or Filmschulen i.e. colleges of art, music, or film

These institutions or universities offer thousands of programs for international students where they can choose the program that best meets your previous educational background.

MS in Germany for International Students

The master’s degrees in Germany for International students are divided into two categories i.e. consecutive degrees or non-consecutive degrees. The consecutive degree help to build up the academic knowledge gained in bachelor’s degree in Germany. On the other hand non-consecutive degrees focus on professional development of an individual. Most of the master’s degree in Germany for international students takes two years to complete though some are shorter or longer.

German Language Requirements to Study Master’s in Germany

Germany provides a wide range of English-taught as well as German-taught higher education opportunities in diverse academic fields at master’s level. Most of the courses are taught in German which requires international students to provide the proof of proficiency in the German language. If you want to study abroad in Germany, you should know that knowing the German language remains a main prerequisite for admission.

Cost of MS in Germany for International Students

Many international students are able to study a Masters in Germany for free. This is because consecutive Masters Degrees i.e. courses that build upon a related undergraduate degree, don’t normally incur fees (regardless of a student’s nationality). On the other hand for a professional degree in Germany, your fees may be surprisingly low. Finally, Germany also offers generous financial support to help cover international student living costs, with need-based and merit-based support available from the German government.

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