How much does it cost to study in Germany for International Students?

How much does it cost to study in Germany for International Students

Germany is one of the most affordable locations for international students worldwide. There are many different kinds of universities, which all offer excellent quality of education to international students at very low tuition fee or without tuition fee. With so many universities to choose from, it’s not always easy to find the right one. We help you to understand the requirements and procedure to study in Germany and help you to understand how much does it cost to study in Germany for international students. Germany has all the core elements a college student needs to have a fun, interesting and exciting experience studying abroad.

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One of the main questions in most Indian students mind is how much does it cost to study in Germany for international students?  This is the very first question which came into our mind when we plan to study in any foreign country. After deciding the country and course of study, cost is the very crucial step for Indian student like you to study in Germany. Being a popular destination Germany calls upon several international students to enroll in various higher education programs. Germany has the one of the excellent education system, renowned and experienced faculty and diversity in subjects in almost every field for international students.

Cost of Studying in Germany for International Students

The cost of studying in any country is counted as tuition cost. To study in any university you have to submit a large amount of money as tuition charges of a particular degree program. In Germany however, there are no tuition fees charged for undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees in all the public universities. German universities come under the jurisdiction of the Government and that is the reason they charge very low or no tuition fee from domestic as well as international students. All university students are required to just pay a “semester contribution”. It costs about 250 Euros on average, but can vary depending on the university and the services it includes.

Living Expenses in Germany for International Students

Germany is no more expensive than other neighboring countries. International students in Germany spend an average of around 800 Euros per month. Nearly 300 Euros go towards paying the rent in Germany and around 165 Euros on food out of the average living cost in Germany for international students. Larger cities, such as Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Dusseldorf require total living costs of 800 to 900 Euros per month while smaller cities are much cheaper.

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