Foundation Courses in Germany | Preparatory Courses for International Students

University Foundation Courses in Germany for International Students

The Foundation courses in Germany for international students combines intensive German language instructions with exam preparation and a range of courses which is designed to prepare students for universities in Germany. Non-European students with an academic background of one to two years at a home university and European students with a recognized high school diploma prepare for the TestDaF exam. Foundation Program in Germany prepares high school graduates for entrance to a bachelor’s degree program in Germany.

Non-European students without a recognized high school diploma prepare for the pre-university admission exam (Studienkolleg) in Germany.

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Foundation Courses in Germany (Studienkollegs) for International Students

Foundation courses in Germany i.e. Studienkollegs are the special programmes which are offered at various German universities for international students. It is designed for the international first year applicants who do not qualify for the direct university admission in Germany. These courses have modules that focus on certain subject areas, including German language classes. These foundation courses take one year to complete and completes with the “Feststellungsprüfung” i.e. university qualification assessment examination. The fee-based courses are available to all candidates interested in studying at a German university.

Types of Foundation Courses in Germany (Studienkollegs)

There are generally two types of foundation courses in Germany (Studienkollegs). It is either affiliated with a university or a university of applied sciences. If you have successfully passed the final exams at a university Studienkolleg, you can study at a university or at a university of applied sciences. If you have passed the exams at a Studienkolleg connected to a university of applied sciences, you are usually not qualified to study at a university, but can only study at a university of applied sciences. Graduates of Studienkollegs can apply to study in all of Germany.

Besides the Studienkolleg affiliated with universities or universities of applied sciences, there is also a difference between private and state-run foundation programmes in German universities.

State-run Foundation Programmes in Germany

State-run Studienkolleg are usually tuition-free and their degree is usually valid to study anywhere in Germany. It’s hard to get admission in state-run Studienkolleg for international students. One of the main requirements to study in state-run foundation courses in Germany is German language level up to B2.

Private Foundation Programmes in Germany

Private foundation programmes (Studienkolleg) in Germany often charge tuition fee­­­  from international students.  An admission requirement for international students in private foundation courses is easier as compared to state-run foundation courses. You can study in Germany without IELTS and German language certificate through private foundation programmes.

Courses at the Studienkolleg are taught as modules. Depending on the desired course of study, international students can select one of three areas of concentration:

T-course: for technical, mathematical and natural sciences programs for international students

M-course: for medical and biology or sport programs for international students

W-course: for business and economics programs for international students

G-course: for humanity degrees or German studies for international students

S-course: for language degrees for international students

Requirements to Study in Germany in Foundation Course

In order to take admission in Foundation Program in Germany, International students must meet following requirements:

  • Good German language skills
  • Proof of financial resources to study in Germany
  • Valid Germany student visa
  • Other documents required for international students to study in Germany

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