Study In Germany Without IELTS – University Pathway Programme

Study In Germany Without IELTS

German University Pathway Programme for International Students

German universities and colleges delivers high quality German language courses for international students who wish to study further in Germany. With campuses in all over Germany, they pride themselves for internationalism and their interactive approach to the language learning process. All their facilities are conveniently located city centers allowing the international students to enjoy the cultural experience while learning German language in Germany.

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Their small class sizes enhance individual learning as you can benefit from personalized attention from German language tutors. They provide Indian students with the strong sense of community at each campus in Germany.

They offer international students to study the German language and go ahead with their higher studies in Germany. They offer Indian student a pathway to continue with their higher studies in Germany by becoming a fluent German speaker. Moreover requirements for German university pathway programme for international students are quite easy as compared to regular courses. You can study in Germany without IELTS under German university pathway programme for international students.

What is German University Pathway Programme?

A lot of German Universities offer further education for free or at subsidised fee to the International students. However most require a C1 German Language equivalent to enrol despite the courses being taught in English. Moreover it becomes difficult for students to make applications and decisions on selection of these German Universities from overseas and is very time consuming.

German university Pathway Programme brings a unique opportunity for international students to study German Language at a vibrant campus in Germany while a professional team based on campus works on making their applications to these universities for their further education. The process also helps the students to carefully choose the universities by visiting the universities, speaking to the faculty, alumni and current students personally allowing them a first-hand experience in German university selection.

IELTS Requirements to Study in Germany

Indian students can study in Germany without IELTS after higher secondary or diploma. German Language A1/A2 certificate is optional for international students to study in Germany without IELTS. Indian students who have already done bachelor degree here in India can continue their studies in Germany without IELTS. Most universities in Germany accept MOI letter (Medium of Instruction) as proof of English language proficiency from Indian students. Indian students can even continue their studies in English medium in Germany without IELTS. For more information about the exact required set of documents to enroll in German universities without IELTS, students can contact Germany study visa consultants.

Funds Requirements to Study in Germany without IELTS

The proof of financial support shows that an applicant has enough money during their stay in Germany. An applicant has to deposit the funds which are approximately 8,700 euros in either Deutsche Bank of Germany or Kotak Mahindra Bank in India. The funds must be deposited in the blocked account of either of the two banks to study in Germany without IELTS. Student can withdraw 720 euro per month after reaching Germany on student visa for 1 year. Applicant does not have to show old funds as per German Embassy guidelines is one of the main benefits of blocked account for Germany student visa. Student can deposit money in bank after getting acceptance letter from German university. The whole process for blocked account to study in Germany just take 15-25 working days depending upon the bank.

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