Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Australia

Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Australia

Australia is a land of dreams, staggering contrast and spectacular beauty. Australia is a dream destination for many travelers. Visitor can explore vibrant multicultural cities, safari across vast islands and trek through ancient rain-forests In addition to this rugged national park and red earthed deserts offers the ultimate adventure travel.

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1. Sydney Opera House

The Sydney opera House is a multi-venue performing art centre in Sydney, Australia. It is identified as the most distinctive building in 20th century. Started on 1 March 1959 its construction completed in 1973 by the Danish architect John Utzon. The building comprises multiple performance venue which are among the busiest performing arts centers, hosting over 1500 performances annually which is attended by more than 1.2million people. As it is the one of the most popular visitor attraction in Australia, more than 8million people visit the site each year. The building is managed by the Sydney Opera House Trust. The building covers 1.8hectares of land and is 600ft long and 394ft wide. The Sydney opera conducts 3000 events each year and provides guided tours to 200,000 people each year.

2. Bondi Beach

It is Australia’s most famous beach. Bondi Beach is about 1km long and receives many visitors throughout the year. There is an underwater Shark Net laid about 150m off the beach. The South end of the beach is famous for its rip current known as the Backpackers Express, generally reserved for surfboard riding. The north end is safest for swimming. Bondi also has numerous cafes, seafood restaurants, bars and clubs and a range of accommodation. Numerous festivals and events such as the annual Miss Bondi beauty pageant have made it a popular destination among travelers.

3. Fraser Island

This beautiful island is located along the southern coast of Queensland, Australia spanning approximately 200km north of Brisbane. World Heritage listed- Fraser Island has the absolute best that one island can offer. It offers cool towering rain-forest to walk, over 100freshwater lakes to swim including the iconic Lake McKenzie and Lake Wabby. Fraser is the world’s largest sand island and stretches for 123km and spans 166,000hectares.

Fraser Island offers some of the best beach fishing experience. It also boast luxurious, relaxing and natural accommodation experiences. Due to its stunning weather and natural attraction, an estimated number of visitors visit here which range from 350,000 to 500,000.

4. Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system. It is composed of over 2900 individual reefs and 900 islands stretching for over 2,300kilometres. The Great Barrier reef can be seen from outer space and is the world’s biggest single structure made by living organisms. It supports a wide diversity of life and was selected as World Heritage site in 1981. The reef is a very popular destination for tourist, especially in the Whitsunday Islands and Cairns region. Tourism is an important economic activity for the region generating over $3 billion per year. It is one of the seven wonders of the natural world and it is larger than the Great Wall of China. A visitor to the Great Barrier Reef can enjoy many experiences including snorkelling, scuba diving, aircraft or helicopter tours, bare boats (self-sail), glass-bottomed boat viewing, semi-submersibles and educational trips, cruise ship tours, whale watching and swimming with dolphins.

5. Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is an enormous, bio-diverse nature preserve in Australia’s Northern Territory. This park is located within the Alligator Rivers region of the northern territory. It extend nearly 200km from north to south and over 100km from east to west. Kakadu National Park is renowned for its richness of its aboriginal cultural sites. The cultural and natural values of kakadu park was recognized internationally when the park was placed on the UNESCO world heritage list. Kakadu is a major tourist attraction in Australia’s north. There are several accommodation options in the park. Visitors can experience Kakadu National park with a recognized tour operator or they can drive themselves.

6. Blue Mountains National Park

The Blue Mountains National Park is located in New South Wales, approximately 80 km west of Sydney. Its proximity to the biggest city in Australia has made this scenic park a popular day trip for both tourists and locals. The park is probably best known for the Three Sisters, a rock formation that towers 900 meter (3000 foot) above the Jamison Valley.

The Blue Mountains National Park features miles of trails for hikers and mountain bikers, and it is also a popular natural playground for adventurers who enjoy adrenaline sports such as rock climbing and abseiling. There are several mammal species are found in the park. With natural attractions, bush-walks and luxury accommodation you can really enjoy nature in the Blue Mountains.

7. Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Australia’s most well known and photographed landmarks. It is the world’s largest (but not the longest) steel arch bridge with the top of the bridge standing 134 metres above the harbour. The Sydney Harbour Bridge construction started in 1924 and took 1,400 men and eight years to build at a cost of 4.2 million. Six million hand driven rivets and 53,000 tonnes of steel were used in its construction. It now carries eight traffic lanes and two rail lines, one in each direction. Bridge Climbing  started in 1998 and attracts tourists and locals alike to climb the monument. After climbing through catwalks and up ladders and stairs, the view is absolutely breathtaking.

8. Great Ocean Road

The great ocean  road is an Australian National Heritage listed 243km long in length. It is built by the returned soldiers and dedicated to soldiers killed during world war I, the road is world’s largest war memorial. It was opened in 1932.  The 45km section of  the Great ocean Road between Apollo Bay and Lorne is location of the ‘Annual Great Ocean Road Marathon’. The road is considered a tourist attraction in the area. Great Ocean Road is a home to the world class surf at Bells Beach and the craggy limestone spires of the Twelve Apostles. This dramatic region also offers fishing villages, migrating whales, shipwrecks, golden beaches, rain-forests and national parks.

9. Cable Beach, Broome

Broome is a coastal, pearling and tourist town in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Cable Beach is a 22 kilometre-long stretch of pure white sand, set against a backdrop of red ochre cliffs and fringed by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Riding a camel along the beach at sunrise or sunset, precious south sea pearls, town’s romantic pearling history and multicultural society are the things which make it a popular destination. Broome’s Cable Beach is known around the world for its sun-kissed white sand, turquoise water, rich red soil and spectacular Indian ocean sunsets. Broome hosts a lawn bowling club, golf club. The town also has four Australian rules football club.

10. Whitsunday Islands

The Whitsunday Island is a collection of continental islands of various sizes off the central coast of Queensland, Australia. The Whitsunday Islands is a group of 74 islands bordered by the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and the sheltered waters of the Coral Sea. It was formed millions of years ago, the name was given to Australia’s largest group of offshore islands by Captain Cook, who sailed through the passage on Whitsunday in 1770. The Whitsunday Island is also the site of Whitehaven Beach, a seven kilometre stretch of deserted white sand. It’s one of the most photographed beaches in Australia. Daydream Island is one of the closest of the Whitsunday Island, unique to the island is a man-made outdoor aquarium, the Living Reef. Hamilton Island is the only island in the Great Barrier Reef with its own jet airport.

Once you’ve explored the islands from land and water, take to the air in a seaplane or helicopter and see their aquamarine beauty from a completely different perspective.

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