USA 10 Year Multiple Entry Visa

USA 10 Year Multiple Entry Visa

What is a Multiple Entry Visa?

A Multiple-Entry Visa is a specific type of visa that enables the visa holder to enter the USA multiple times within a given time-frame. As an example, the holder of a multiple entry visa is also allowed enter the United States, then come back to their home country, and come back to the USA, variety of times.

The manner that multiple-entry  visas work is that they’re typically valid for a specified period of time.  Now this time is named the “validity period”, and should vary anywhere from 3 months to 10 years.  Among the validity amount, the visa holder will enter and re-enter into the United States multiple times.

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Requirements for Obtaining a Multiple Entry Visa

Multiple entry visas are still classified under the purpose for which the person is visiting the U.S. temporarily.  For example, tourist visas, work-related visas, etc., can be issued as a multiple-entry visa.  Thus, the applicant would need to fulfill the basic requirements for that specific temporary visa category in order to receive multiple-entry status.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Multiple Entry Visas?

Multiple entry visas are very helpful for the visa holder, but they can also be somewhat difficult to obtain.  If you need legal advice or representation regarding a multiple entry visa, it’s in your best interests to hire an immigration lawyer for assistance.  Your attorney will be able to explain how immigration laws and policies may affect you, and can provide you with guidance in applying for a multiple entry visa for you or a loved one.

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